About Nina
International Life Coach Nina Mioen

My story

My education and background is in Sweden, where I worked with Professional Direct Marketing and Qualitative Research. In 2008 I moved with my husband and our three sons to Texas. At that time, I had recently finished my University Diploma in Psychology and made a significant career change from Marketing to the Research Business. Life was spinning fast being a business woman and a mom of three, and there was very little time for reflection on my life.


When my husband got the offer to transfer to Texas, I didn't share his enthusiasm. I didn't see the potential, instead it felt like I had to give up all that I had worked so hard for. We agreed we wouldn't stay more than two years…little did I know how greatly it would change my life and the life of my family.

Now, several years later we are still here and it’s by our own choice. The family has settled in and I have made the internal shift and transition to becoming a Professional Coach with clients all over the world. Besides my private coaching practice, I also work as a Mental Health Coach for Lyra Health. Lyra provides evidence-based care that supports employees and family members at leading multinational companies. My lived experience of making significant transitions in life, is a strength I bring to my clients.

It has given me a unique ability to work seamlessly within two cultures.

I bring self-awareness, acceptance and clarity to my clients in a gentle and caring way.

Who I am as a coach

I am a certified International Personal Development Coach (PCC, CVCC, CBCC) who is passionate about the coaching concepts that leads to more insight and a greater depth of learning for each of my clients. As a certified Body-Centered Coach and Trainer (CBCC) I practice an integration of the Body-Centered coaching and the coaching method of CoachVille (CVCC).

I practice a coaching style which is a simple,

yet powerful way to help clients to move from head to heart.

It recognizes that body, mind and spirit are different aspects of your whole being, like different doorways into the same house. It also facilitates and makes the change more sustainable by using the body to find the answers the mind needs.

My own experience of the Body-Centered Method (founded by Marlena Field) was like coming home. Even if I didn't know exactly how, I knew in my heart it was my calling. That strong inner knowing has been my north star and it has taken me through Marlena Fields Intensive Coach Training and Mentorship program. I have integrated the Body-Centered Method in my coaching and I am also one of a handful coaches who teach the method.

One of the things it has taught me, is to trust my inner knowing and to be

comfortable in the not knowing. It also has positioned me for being the coach who serves

people going through various transitions in life. I assist my clients to slow down, connect with

their inner knowing and get to the heart of what really matters to them.

How I work

I offer one-on-one coaching and Body-Centered Coaching Live Online Trainings in English and Swedish to coaches and other helping preofessionals.

Coaching is a creative partnership with my client, focusing on designing and implementing specific, meaningful changes in my client’s personal and/or professional life.

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation. The IFC is a non-profit membership organization that monitors the coaching profession with certification that follows strict academic guidelines, practice requirements and adherence to ethical standards of practice.


Coaching with me can be done on the phone or Zoom if International calls which enables coaching even if there is a physical distance. Anybody who feels there is a gap between where she/he is now and where she/he wants to be, and is willing to learn, grow and take action can benefit from coaching.

I am is assisting my clients to get to the heart of what really matters to them and I bring the following to each of my clients;

  • Clarity on values and strengths for higher self awareness.
  • How to move beyond limiting beliefs and fear.
  • Acceptance of "what is" for more serving choices in life.
  • How to trust inner knowing and intuition.
  • Access and empowerment by own resourcefulness.
  • Sustainable and meaningful decisions based on inner knowing.
  • Goals based on desired inner feelings for alignment and action.

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Nina Miöen - International Personal Development Coach - PCC, CVCC, CBCC

Contact Nina Miöen for a complimentary exploratory session; nina.mioen@international-lifecoaching.com or (+1)713 852 7073